2023 Oscars Picks and Predictions

My two cents on who will and who should win at this year’s Academy Awards

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Do I really need an introduction for this?

If you’re simply here to just see all my picks and predictions neatly — and chaotically — packaged in a fun ballot fill-in + doodled thoughts, you can scroll to the bottom of this post before roasting my opinions.

Best Cinematography

From: Bardo, False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths | Sources: The Hollywood Reporter (left); Variety (middle); Netflix (right)

This is one of the more interesting categories I think, with each movie having deserved their nomination despite having drastically different styles. TÁR is probably the most subtle of the group but its choices suited the tone and storytelling of each scene well. Then you have the maximalist-shot Bardo and Elvis going full Baz Luhrmann. Roger Deakins earns a legacy nom here with his gallery-worthy cinematography on Empire of Light — the only interesting thing about that film.

Personally, I think ‘Bardo’ is a masterclass in cinematography, but the rest of the film is lost in a haze, making it an unpopular choice and rightly so. For those reasons, my prediction will be going to All Quiet on the Western Front. I’ve been a little harsh on this film, but I can’t dispute its amazing cinematography. War movies can be a little ‘unfair’ given the cinematic quality they possess, but because of this, the bar has gotten higher as each new film in the genre finds new ground. Take even as recent as 2019’s 1917 — shot by the same Roger Deakins mentioned above. This movie doesn’t expand the boundaries quite the same, but is still shot about as good as any other war film can be.

Pick: Bardo, False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths

Prediction: All Quiet on the Western Front

Best Supporting Actor

One of the biggest ‘locks’ is Ke Huy Quan and it’s not up for debate. Although Brendan Gleason and Barry Keoghan both warrant consideration (my vote would be for the former of the two), I’d imagine that voters would be splitting too much between the two for either one to emerge a clear victor. That being…



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